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Heathrow Airport parking

Being so close to Central London and so well connected to Britain’s motorway network means that driving and parking your own car at Heathrow Airport can be one of the cheapest and easiest ways of getting there.

There are 11 on-site car parks operated and maintained by Heathrow Airport catering to all four terminals and many other independent car parks just outside the perimeter. With a wide variety of short- and long-stay parking in open-air and multi-storey facilities, parking at Heathrow is about as convenient as it gets, whether you’re going on holiday with the family or only taking a quick business trip.

LHR’s short-stay car parks are all situated right outside each terminal, making them a great option for dropping people off and particularly useful for short trips away when booked in advance. If you’re away for a few days or longer, though, the long-stay car parks will be better suited to you. Featuring high-security fencing, frequent patrols and 24-hour CCTV coverage, Heathrow Airport’s Park Mark accredited long-stay car parks are only a short shuttle bus journey away from every terminal. Running every 10 minutes, the shuttle takes approximately 10 minutes to reach Terminal 2, 18 minutes to T3, five minutes to T4 and only seven minutes to T5.

LHR also offers Business, Meet and Greet and Valet options for parking at each of its terminals.

Heathrow Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet parking does away with the hassle of finding a space - simply book in advance, pull up at your preselected car park and an attendant will park your car for you. It’s perfect for people with children or a lot of baggage, letting them head straight their terminal.

Heathrow valet parking

Heathrow Airport’s valet service is completely fuss-free. Drop your car off on the terminal forecourt and an attendant will park it and have it ready and waiting for you when you touch down, even if you’re landing at a different terminal. There is also an optional professional Car Care service to have your car looking brand-new upon your return.

Heathrow business parking

Business car parks are located as close as possible to check-in and have a dedicated, faster and more frequent shuttle service to help you stay on schedule..

Wherever you’re going, compare the host of airport parking options at LHR using our form to find and book the right parking for you.

Heathrow Airport Transfers

Getting to Heathrow doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient.

Competitive Airport Parking compares Heathrow Airport transfers for you, so you can find the perfect transport for your situation at a price you’re comfortable with.

Heathrow Express Tickets

The Heathrow Express is a direct, high-speed service linking London Paddington Station with London Heathrow Airport.

With this service, you’ll reach Heathrow Train Station in 15 minutes, and trains run every 15–30 minutes depending on the time of day. It’s a direct service, but please be aware that it will take you 21 minutes if you’re catching the Heathrow Express to Terminal 5.

Buses to Heathrow

There are also a range of buses available to those travelling to and from Heathrow Airport.

National Express is Heathrow’s main provider, the leader when it comes to transfer buses, both in terms of price and comfort.

Most Heathrow coaches are kitted out with toilets, power sockets and air conditioning; just because you’re getting a good deal, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort!

Shuttles from Gatwick to Heathrow are available if you’re transferring from airport to airport, no matter which terminal you’re flying from!

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and Looking4.com is here to help you find the best airport transfer options at your destination. Some of the most popular include transfers to and from Paris as well as well as a wide range of USA options such as Orlando Airport transfers.

Heathrow car hire

Heathrow is amongst the busiest airports in the world, if you’re not heading into the city, but need you hire your own car, there is a wide range of options depending on your terminal. The most popular Heathrow vehicle in the last 12 months according to EnjoyTravel.com was a Ford Focus with a vast range in the price starting from just £1.16 per day up to £101 per day depending on the time of year and how far in advance customers booked. The average overall price for a Heathrow rental car was £26.80. If you’re renting a car in the city, where a contactless collection system is available meaning no queues and the average price per day is a little higher at £30.79, and the cheapest was a Toyota Aygo at £ 9.10/day.

By booking a car 2 to 4 weeks in advance of the collection, customers saved on average 39% off the price compared to booking on the same day or 1 day.

Guide to Heathrow Airport


Heathrow Airport (LHR) is a major international airport in London. It is easily the busiest in Europe and also one of the busiest in the world, with more than 75 million passengers passing through each year. Heathrow consists of four separate terminals supported by two parallel, east-to-west runways, with plans for a third having gained government approval. Facilitating an average of 1,293 flights to and from 194 different destinations every day, LHR serves 81 different airlines, is the primary hub for British Airways and the primary operating base for Virgin Atlantic.

Location of Heathrow Airport

LHR is located only 14 miles (23 kilometres) west of Central London and its 4.7 square mile (12.3 square kilometre) site qualifies as part of the Metropolitan Green Belt.

Owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings, LHR is one of six airports serving the London area but its proximity to the city centre means that it is always one of the easiest to access, despite the numbers of visitors it deals with on a daily basis. As well as being connected to the M4 and M25 motorways, there are numerous dedicated train, London Underground, bus, coach and taxi services between Central London and Heathrow Airport to make your journey as convenient as possible.

LHR also boasts a variety of inter-terminal transport, with free trains and shuttle buses between terminals as well as the ULTra Personal Rapid Transport system of high-speed battery-powered pods that effortlessly shuttle passengers at 25 mph (40 kph) between Terminal 5 and the business car park.

History of Heathrow Airport

Originally built in 1929 as the Great West Aerodrome, just south east of the hamlet of Heathrow from which the present-day site takes its name, the airfield was intended to house and maintain long-distance military aircraft bound for the Far East. However, before the airfield could become fully operational, World War II was brought to an end.

Instead of abandoning the project, the government began converting the airfield into a civilian airport in 1944, rapidly expanding the site to cover old farms, markets and orchards before opening to the public in 1946. The airport is still growing to this day, with numerous projects and bids for new runways, extensions and high-speed transport links all in the pipeline.

Heathrow Airport Facilities

Despite welcoming almost 207,000 passengers per day, Heathrow Airport is more than equipped to keep everyone comfortable, entertained and prepared for the journey ahead.

Each of LHR’s four terminals is full of high-street brands and shops for all your last-minute essentials as well a selection of luxurious fashion and lifestyle collections, if you fancy treating yourself before you jet off.

Thanks to Heathrow’s significance as a global hub, the airport also boasts a mouthwatering choice of international cuisine, from quick and easy cafés to menus put together especially for the airport by some of the world’s top chefs. If you have any questions or special requirements for your time at LHR, please read the airport’s special assistance page before arriving.

  • Bag wrapping

  • Baggage delivery and shipping

  • Business services

  • Car hire

  • Car valeting service

  • Cash machines

  • Concierge service

  • Chauffeur service

  • Currency exchange

  • Disabled access

  • Family facilities

  • Fast-track travel

  • Food and drink

    • Cafés

    • Restaurants

    • Fast food

    • Pre-prepared food

  • Free WiFi and Internet access

  • Group travel facilities

  • Information points

  • Inter-Terminal transport

  • Left baggage

  • Lost property

  • Lounges

    • Spa facilities

  • Meeting rooms

  • Parking facilities

  • Phone and laptop charging

  • Medical help and emergencies

  • Porters

  • Postal service

  • Prayer rooms and chapel

  • Shopping

    • High-street brands

    • Luxury goods

    • Convenience stores

    • Duty free

  • Smoking areas

  • Social care

  • Spectator areas and viewing platforms

  • Transport facilities

  • Trolleys

  • Toilets and showers

  • VIP service

Heathrow Airport Hotel And Parking

As one of the most popular airports in the world, Heathrow sees flights arriving and departing day and night. As such, the airport provides a number of hotel and parking packages that provide travellers with a chance to rest before continuing their journey.

Whether you’re travelling on a budget, saving money for the trip ahead or feel like starting your holiday in luxurious five-star style, all hotel and parking packages at Heathrow include complimentary overnight parking at the hotel. This lets you relax for the night before simply driving to your pre-booked parking on the day of your flight, with none of the hotels more than a 15-minute walk away from the Long-Stay car park.

Every one of LHR’s hotel and parking packages includes a space in the long-stay car park, but this can be upgraded to Meet and Greet parking to make the whole process even easier. With the free shuttle bus service between long-stay parking and the airport terminals running every 10 minutes and taking no longer than 18 minutes, you’ll be away in no time.

Top things to do in Heathrow Airport

Dine in style

No doubt inspired by visitors from all around the world, Heathrow Airport is proud to offer a truly international spread of food and drink. From Far Eastern snacks and authentic Italian coffee to family-friendly pub grub and pioneering concept restaurants, LHR is packed with popular high-street eateries as well as exclusive opportunities to try food from some of the finest contemporary chefs in the business. The airport and its providers cater to a comprehensive range of special dietary requirements, making sure everyone can enjoy the incredible food and drink on offer.

Tuck into a picnic at 30,000 feet

Get an expert opinion

The amount of stores and styles on display in LHR can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or where to look for it. That’s why Heathrow has become the very first airport in the world to provide its own complimentary Personal Shopper service, complete with a team of multi-lingual retail experts who are there to take the pressure away from present-buying or help to find the perfect fit for you. Personal Shoppers are available by appointment only.

Make your shoes shine

Be ready for business straight off the plane by getting your shoes shined at Heathrow Airport. With locations in Terminals 2 and 5, the airport shoe-shiners have years of experience in improving the appearance of travellers' footwear, whether you're wearing leather, suede, nubuck or patent. They are also able to rescue your holiday from last-minute disaster by repairing broken shoes, bags and belts, so take a seat, put your feet up and touch down in style with impeccably smart shoes on your feet.

Your holiday starts here

Whether you’re en route to yet another business meeting or gearing up for the holiday of a lifetime, a stress-free spa session can be just what you need to unwind before you fly. With locations throughout Heathrow Airport’s four terminals, you can treat yourself to a host of massage and relaxation techniques specifically tailored to your needs as a traveller. Ranging from expert aromatherapy and reflexology to the essential pre-holiday mani-pedi, many of the spa lounges in LHR also have luxurious shower facilities and private booths, while some feature a fully-stocked bar and offer complimentary food that’s always appropriate for the time of day.

There’s always something happening

In such a busy, international, multicultural hub such as Heathrow Airport, there is always something going on. Be it a seasonal tasting session, an opportunity to brush up on your languages or live music from local and visiting musicians to accompany your coffee, LHR’s terminals are a constant celebration of the coming together of cultures from around the world. Be sure to check the airport’s events page to find out what’s going on during your visit.

Top things to do near Heathrow Airport


Hear Big Ben’s bongs

One of the most iconic symbols of Great Britain, Big Ben, or Elizabeth Tower as it is more formally known, has been presiding over the houses of Parliament in the Palace of Westminster for 158 years. Widely considered to be the heart of London, the 315ft (96m) Big Ben is only a 40-minute train ride away from Heathrow Airport so if you’ve got the time before you fly, a trip to Westminster is a photo opportunity and a half.

What’s more, Big Ben plays four different melodies throughout the hour as well as the world-famous hourly tolls, so chances are you’ll get to enjoy the sounds of Westminster as well as the sights.

Enter the Tower of London

Only half an hour on the Underground from Heathrow and just a short trip along the Thames from Big Ben is the historic medieval fortress known as the Tower of London. Built in 1078 and used as a prison until 1952, no story is more chilling than that of the Princes in the Tower – the two royal heirs mysteriously disappeared before they could be crowned. No one knows what happened to them, but their ghosts, along with many others said to have died in the Tower, supposedly haunt the fortress to this day. A site of enormous cultural and architectural significance, having stood the test of time for over 900 years, the Tower of London is a must-see marvel.

All the world’s a stage…

Step back in time and enjoy the dramatic works of William Shakespeare, who is universally regarded as the greatest writer to have written in the English language, in a historically faithful recreation of his Globe Theatre. Located only 750ft (230m) from the original site, which burnt down in 1613, the modern-day reconstruction known as ‘Shakespeare’s Globe’ puts on truly authentic performances of the playwright’s works throughout the year, often with world-famous actors taking centre stage. From comedies by candlelight to tense tragedies, the Bard of Avon’s plays cannot be experienced like this anywhere else. If you know you have a while to wait at LHR, you can book yourself tickets to experience Britain’s rich contribution to drama.

The greatest museum in the world

Dedicated to recording and protecting the history and culture of all of humanity, the British Museum houses over eight million artefacts, making it the most extensive and comprehensive collection of its kind in the world. With rotating exhibitions and events that document human history from its very beginnings right through to the present day, the British Museum always has something for everyone. Only 50 minutes from Heathrow via the Underground and free to enter, the British Museum is a fantastic and affordable afternoon away from the airport.

A true bird’s eye view of the city

If you have a head for heights, The Shard could be your go-to destination. At an astronomical 1,016ft (309.7m) tall, the 95-storey skyscraper is the tallest building in Western Europe and offers the highest panoramic view of London available. With offices, media studios, restaurants, hotels and shops, as well as a wide variety of tours and events, The Shard is a modern feat of engineering at the cutting edge of design.

Park and Slide

If you’re in the mood for something completely different, why not try the ArcelorMittal Orbit? At 583ft (178m), the Orbit is the world’s highest and longest tunnel slide, wrapped 12 times around award-winning architect Sir Anish Kapoor’s iconic structure commemorating the London 2012 Olympic Games. As well as twists and turns through light and dark sections, the 40-second slide provides fantastic views of other features in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as well as London’s incredible skyscape.

Which terminal?

All four of Heathrow Airport’s terminals are used by some of the world’s major airlines. Terminal 2 acts as a base for Eurowings, Aer Lingus and Star Alliance, whereas Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and the Oneworld alliance use Terminal 3 as a hub. Terminal 4 houses SkyTeam and facilitates most non-aligned airline traffic, while Terminal 5 is primarily used by British Airways.

Airline Terminal
Aegean Airlines  2
Aer Lingus  2
Aeroflot 4
Aeromexico 4
Air Algerie 4
Air Canada 2
Air China 2
Air France 4
Air India 4
Air Malta 4
Air Mauritius 4
Air New Zealand 2
Air Serbia 4
Alitalia 4
American Airlines 3
Arik Air 4
Asiana Airlines  2
Austrian Airlines 2
Avianca 2
Azerbaijan Airlines 4
Biman Bangladesh Airlines  4
British Airways 3,5
Brussels Airlines 2
Bulgaria Air 4
Cathay Pacific 3
China Eastern Airlines 4
China Southern 4
Croatia Airlines 2
Delta Airlines 3,4
Egyptair 2
Emirates 3
Ethiopian Airlines 2
Etihad Airways 4
EVA Air 2
Finnair 3
Germanwings 2
Gulf Air 4
Iberia 5
Iberia Express 5
Iran Air 3
Japan Airlines 3
Jet Airways 4
Kenya Airways 4
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 4
Korean Air 4
Kuwait Airways 4
Libyan Arab Airlines 4
LOT Polish Airlines 2
Lufthansa 2
Malaysia Airlines System 4
MEA Middle East Airlines 3
Oman Air 3
Pakistan International Airlines 3
Philippine Airlines 4
Qantas 3
Royal Air Maroc 4
Royal Brunei Airlines 4
Royal Jordanian 3
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines 2
Saudia 4
Singapore Airlines 2
South African Airways 2
Sri Lankan Airlines 3
Swiss International Airlines 2
TAP Portugal 2
Tarom 4
Thai Airways 2
Transaero 4
Tunisair 4
Turkish Airlines 2
Turkmenistan Airlines 3
United Airlines 2
US Airways 3
Uzbekistan Airways 4
Virgin Atlantic 3
Virgin Atlantic Little Red 2
Vueling 3


Heathrow Airport is located on Junction 4 of the M4 and Junctions 14 and 15 of the M25. Depending on which terminal you need, you can navigate there using these postcodes:

Terminal 2: TW6 1EW

Terminal 3: TW6 1QG

Terminal 4: TW6 3XA

Terminal 5: TW6 2GA

Being only 15 miles west of London, accessing LHR by car is easy and can often be the most convenient and hassle-free way of getting there. All of the terminals and the car parks are well-signed, but it’s a good idea to check which terminal you need and which car park you are booked into before you set off so you know what to look for when you get there.

Alternatively, every terminal at Heathrow has a taxi rank right outside where you can be conveniently dropped off or hail one of London’s famous black cabs.


A number of trains run directly from Central London’s Paddington Station to Heathrow’s Central and Terminal 5 stations. The non-stop express train leaves every 15 minutes and takes only 15 minutes to reach the airport. Other services make convenient stops at National Rail stations en route, departing every 30 minutes with a journey time of approximately 27 minutes.

LHR can also be accessed by the London Underground, with trains on the Piccadilly line leaving every five minutes during peak hours to serve every terminal with a journey time of 40-50 minutes. Heathrow Airport also operates a network of complimentary train services that connect Heathrow Central station and the airport terminals.


Heathrow Airport’s Central Bus Station serves Terminals 2 and 3 and, along with bus stations operating in Terminals 4 and 5, is open 24 hours a day, accommodating over 1,600 local bus and long-distance coach services per day. There are also free dedicated transfer buses to take passengers between terminals. Up-to-date timetables for the services to and from Heathrow Airport can be found here.

Useful Tips

Arrive at least 2.5 hours before your flight

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest in the world and with four operational terminals spread over its 4.7 square mile (12.3 sq km) site, it’s wise to leave plenty of time to get there, even if you know exactly where you’re going. You’ll be one of up to 207,000 daily visitors and the airport can get extremely busy both inside at check-in and outside on the roads. It’s worth checking Heathrow’s useful live arrivals/departures feed on your way so you know what to expect.

Free pick-up parking

LHR’s terminal forecourts handily permit dropping travellers off, but waiting there is not allowed for security reasons. If you’re picking someone up from the airport, one option is to use the short-stay car parks, but try to coordinate your arrival by car with your passenger-to-be’s arrival by plane as much as possible to avoid having to stay there for too long.

Another option is LHR’s long-stay car park, in which you can wait for up to two hours for free. This gives your passengers plenty of time to touch down, pick up their bags and take the 10-minute shuttle from their terminal to long-stay parking and, if you’re running ahead of schedule, you don’t have to pay for arriving early.

Mind your head

With multiple car parks catering to every terminal, some of them are a bit tighter than others. The short-stay car parks at Terminals 2, 3 and 5 have height restrictions of 7ft 2in (2.2m), whilst Terminal 4’s short-stay car park is slightly smaller still, with a height restriction of 6ft 6in (2m). Each terminal has a designated, ground floor over-height area in which you will only be charged the standard short-stay rate, so if you’re looking to park an over-height vehicle, keep an eye out for the appropriate signage.

Happenings at Heathrow

There are always special events, offers and deals happening at Heathrow, whether it’s a free children’s meal with any main course at participating terminal restaurants, discounts on designer collections exclusive to the airport, or live music with your coffee. Have a look at LHR’s special offers website to find out what’s on when you visit.

Heathrow Airport FAQs

What happened to Terminal 1?

You might be wondering why Heathrow Airport’s four terminals are numbered 2 to 5. That’s because Terminal 1 was closed to the public in 2015 as the airlines operating from it moved to the airport’s bigger and better terminals. Whilst it is still there, Terminal 1 is scheduled to be demolished in order to make way for a major expansion of Terminal 2.

How do I get to Heathrow Airport?

Being so close to Central London, it is extremely easy to get to Heathrow Airport. Helpful signage and plenty of parking make travelling by car one option, while a number of direct train, Underground, bus and coach services run throughout the day, ensuring a smooth journey to LHR from London and beyond.

Where can I find more information about my flight?

You will have been sent confirmation of your flight by your airline, but if you have lost or deleted it, LHR’s flight timetable contains information on every scheduled flight for up to a year in advance, including day and time of departure as well as your terminal, airline and type of aircraft.

How do I get between terminals?

Heathrow’s four busy terminals can seem intimidating at first, but the airport runs frequent and dedicated bus and train services between Heathrow Central Station and its terminals – and they are free for passengers to use. If you’re transferring between flights and terminals, you can plan your flight connection transport here.

Why should I pre-book parking?

As well as probably saving you money, booking your parking at LHR in advance will guarantee you a parking space at one of the busiest airports in the world. What’s more you can customise and amend your parking reservation as well as combine it with a stay in one of Heathrow’s many airport hotels. At Competitive Airport Parking, we can help you find the parking you need for your trip.

I’ve lost something - what do I do?

Information about Heathrow Airport’s Lost Property service and the steps to take in order to find and claim your property can be found here. Alternatively, LHR has lost property offices in the Heathrow Express building in Terminal 3 and in Terminal 5’s arrivals hall. All lost property is logged in a secure database and kept safely for up to three months. Upon presenting your proof of identification, your items will be given back or posted directly to you for a nominal handling fee

Is there anywhere for me to charge my electronic devices?

Absolutely. Heathrow Airport is officially Europe’s most gadget-friendly airport with over 3,000 plug points spread throughout all four of its active terminals.

What shops are available at the airport?

All four of Heathrow Airport’s active terminals contain a wide range of high-street brands and exclusive boutique designers, as well as a truly global selection of food and drink. LHR uses the money it makes from retail in the airport to continuously improve the facilities and services on offer to its visitors.